Having started its operations in 1997, today the Bella is the largest food producer in Bulgaria and a leading representative of the food industry in Southeast Europe.

It owns commercial structures in Greece and Romania. Its portfolio includes a wide range of foods with consistent quality at competitive prices. Our products can be found at the table of consumers in Europe, Australia, America, and the Middle East.

The corporate mission of Bella – to offer better products at better prices – clearly shows that at the basis of the business development of the food company is the focus on the customer. In search of answers to consumer expectations, Bella launched for the first time on the Bulgarian market a number of bakery products and developed an extensive portfolio of products under special recipes for different markets around the world (pastry products, dairy products, meat products and products of fat).


Development through the years


Beginning with innovations

Bella launched for the first time on the Bulgarian market the product puff pastry. Then followed a development of the manufacture of pastry products with filo pastry and prepared pies prepared with different sizes and fillings.


Rich portfolio of pastry products and margarines

Bella entered the market of products of fat and expanded its portfolio by offering margarines with different fat content, spreadable products, cooking oil and frying oil.

It developed a strong distribution network in Bulgaria, which had 20 offices across the whole country. Its direct deliveries were carried out daily to 12,000 points of sale (retail chains and small shops).


Debut on the European market with a complete portfolio of foods and logistics services

Bella began offering its products to the European and other foreign markets and building its commercial structure in Romania (Unibel Nord).

In Bulgaria Bella entered the meat processing industry and developed a full portfolio of meat products – perishable and cured salami, raw-dried and boiled-smoked delicacies, minced meat and formed minced meat products.

It created the largest logistics base in the Balkans for storage and distribution of food products in Bulgaria and abroad.

Gradually developed its HoReCa (professional food) business and became the preferred partner in the industry.


Focus on nutrition and sustainable development

Bella developed a distribution network in Greece (Unibel Food Hellas).

In Bulgaria launched the first series of functional children’s meat products (Sachi for Kids) and products with reduced salt and fat content (Sachi Good for You)

It created its own corporate university Bella Academy, which offers trainings of people involved directly or indirectly with the activities of the holding, as well as special trainings and scholarship programs for students and young professionals in the food industry.

As one of the largest corporate donors, Bella was involved in the formation of the Bulgarian Food Bank.

It entered the markets in America, Australia and the Middle East.



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