Our products are without GMO. We require our suppliers to provide certificates for all of the incoming raw materials. Moreover, analyses on a sample base are in process in accredited laboratories in the country and Genetic ID (Germany).

We offer a wide portfolio of meat products in different categories and price segments



  • frankfurters, franks and sausages
  • meat delicacy, delicacies with chunks of meat
  • flat sausages, lukanka, sushenitsa, jerked meat and sazdarma
  • salami, screw salami, perishable salami, non-perishable salami, boiled salami, smoked salami, raw-dried salami, Veal, Hamburg and Kamchia salami
  • ham, round ham
  • pates
  • mince, minced meat and minced meat products.


With special care for the children and in response to parents’ expectations, we have created special children’s series meat products. They are prepared from selected meat and contain no dyes, soy, gluten, as well as additive monosodium glutamate.

For all, who want to eat balanced and healthy, we created a series of high quality meat products with 30% less salt (in accordance with the Bulgarian Institute for Standardization /BIS/) and from 3% to 50% less fat (in accordance with the BIS).