Food Technologies & Innovations

Food Technologies & Innovations

Our R&D team is composed of professionals with extensive international experience, committed to quality

We are focused on the expectations of the customers and the consumers for products with consistent quality at competitive prices that also offer added value – quick and easy preparation of food.

Innovations are our priority

Our leading brand BELLA is a synonym of innovations in the minds of consumers. BELLA developed and launched on the Bulgarian market popular convenient products – frozen pies ready for use. Thus, we created a new style of food preparation in the Bulgarian family. Today, our basket is full of innovation not only in terms of the categories in which we are active, but also in terms of new categories and markets, in order to contribute more to the improvement of the quality of life for our users.

High-tech equipment

When choosing the company trusts the leading international companies that offer the most advanced technological solutions for application of the standards of quality and safety of the production processes and the current requirements for energy efficiency.

The production of pastry products is equipped with automated lines for pastry, puff pastry and puff pies. The technology is of the highest class and enables preservation of the quality of products for a longer period without the use of preservatives.

One of our latest innovative technology solutions is the packaging of the pastry in termoforming in a modified atmosphere. In this way, chilled pastry is offered, which can be transported over long distances, while maintaining its high quality.

The control of the refrigeration plants is fully automated.


Foodscan is Bella’s own physical-chemical laboratory, mainly used for its meat processing activity. It is used for tests on the raw materials and the semi-finished and finished products with a minimum preparation of the sample, by determining the content of fat, protein, collagen, water and salt. FoodScan can process 70 samples per hour. The speed of the research enables fast and precise readjustment and improvement of the production process, if necessary.

Moreover, the finished products are tested regularly in accredited Bulgarian and European laboratories.

Packaging and labeling

The most modern methods of packaging and materials with barrier properties, with which the quality of the product is maintained and it is protected from environmental influences, are being used.

In the production and labeling of its products, Bella strictly observes the Bulgarian and the European legislation and guarantees to its consumers quality and awareness. Main principle of the company is the introduction of innovations in food production in response to the high expectations of its customers in the country and abroad.