„Manager of 2006” – The Executive Director of BELLA BULGARIA SA Mrs. Elza Markova

April 2

Mrs. Elza Markova, the Executive Director of Bella Bulgaria SA, won the Big Prize from the competition "Businesswoman of the Year". The official ceremony for awarding the prizes took place in Hall “Sofia” in Kempinski-Zografski Hotel on the 12th April 2007. The chairman of the jury Mr. Rumen Ovcharov announced Mrs. Elza Markova the winner of the title “Woman Manager” of the year 2006 after a several-month performance and keen competition.

“BELLA BULGARIA” candidature stood out among the rest not only with the total of 3 000 jobs with only 350 newly opened in 2006, but also with the growth of the company of 2.5 compared to 2005. The winner received two special prizes as well – the prize of the Pension Insurance Company ”Doverie” and the prize of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

The last year winner – Mrs. Daniela Petkova provided the winner with a contract for voluntary pension insurance amounting to 1000 leva. 

The prize – a small work of the plastic arts was given to the winner personally by the chairman of the jury – the Minister of Economy and Energy – Mr. Rumen Ovcharov. He declared that he worked extremely well with women and had trust in them and he also shared his hope for appointing a woman as a Director of Toplofikacia – Sofia AD /the biggest district heating company in Bulgaria/ in a future competition for the position, in order, according to his words “to finally make the holding act in a proper way”. 

Zorka Parvanova, a patron for 6 successive years of the contest pointed out that Mrs. Elza Markova was a flawless employer.

The most prominent women in business were determined for the 16th time. 
Some other prizes were given as well, and special prizes from 5 ministries were awarded to the most successful women accepting and facing the business challenges.

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