Official Ceremony for the Awarding of the National Prizes “Human Resources – 2006”

January 5

The official awarding of the prizes was held on December 18th, at 7 p.m. in BUSINESS PARK – SOFIA. This year’s prize „Human Resources - 2006” for „Company Manager” was awarded to Mrs. Elza Markova – Executive Director of „Bella Bulgaria”SA. Under the management of Mrs. Elza Markova over 300 new jobs were created in 2006 in two new meatprocessing plants. As a manager, she practically realizes her view that the effective employment and keeping of personal lies in the basis of a company’s prosperity. The prize was awarded by a representative of the Ministry of Economy. Mrs. Markova expressed her gratitude to all 3000 workers and employees of the food holding „Bella Bulgaria” SA.

For the recognition of the profession „Manager of Human resources”, the beginning of the annual award “Human resources” was marked in 2005. The prize is awarded by the Managing Council of the „Human Resources in Bulgaria and Eurointegration” Foundation. The decision is taken on the grounds of the information collected by means of an inquiry, followed by discussion of the suggestions for nomination.The prize „Human Resources – 2006” is awarded in 14 categories for personal contribution in the effective management of the most valuable capital – the human resources.

In the factory situated in the village of Kostievo the Company produces Frankfurt sausages, ham, sausage, mince and modelled products from minced meat. The high-quality meat production of the factory shall be distributed on the territory of the whole country. The Company has opened 380 workplaces for the beginning of its activity.

The machines and equipment are supplied by international companies-leaders in this field of work, such as CFS, Novicki, Нandmann and Seydelmann. The equipment also includes the newest slice technology for thin ham slicing, which is the only one in Bulgaria and makes all kinds of calibration, electronic measurement and absolutely precise weight in grammes at set parameters. All European standards for hygiene and high quality of the production are being observed at the delivery of the raw materials and within the production process.

By opening this new factory, Bella Bulgaria AD increases the range of its production. The Company plans to initiate two new production segments, namely mince modelled products from minced meat and ham.

Bella Bulgaria AD is the leader on the Bulgarian market of sausages with short expiry date, and as for the segment of Frankfurt sausages, the Company has a market share of over 65% - by the brands: SACHI, LEKI and NARODNI. During the last year the Company once again took the leading place for non-perishable sausages as well, as it left behind its competitors with long history.

With respect to the fast growth of the production sites, the logistic and the commercial structure of Bella Bulgaria, the Management of the Company took decision to unite all factories of the group into a holding structure as this will take place at the end of 2006. The reorganization of the companies is accomplished with the help of PricewaterhouseCoopers Ltd.
The factories of Bella Bulgaria have approximately 3000 workers, as only in 2006 the Company opened about 950 new workplaces.

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