Bella Bulgaria Invests BGN 15 mln in 2019 Annual Programme

February 7

Bella Bulgaria Invests BGN 15 mln in 2019 Annual Programme

Bella Bulgaria started 2019 with a large investment programme in the directions of production, storage and export of food. The company invests more than BGN 15 mln in the implementation of state-of-the-art automated lines and quality control systems, building new warehouses in the country, and opening of a trading structure in Serbia. The projects will be fulfilled until the end of the year.

In December, the whole cycle of production of the emblematic for Bella Bulgaria dough products (pastry sheets, puff dough and classic pies with different sizes and fillings) will be fully automated and will be conducted according to the highest international technology standards reducing the human error factor to a minimum.

When choosing the company trusts the leading international companies that offer the most advanced technological solutions for application of the standards of quality and safety of the production processes and the current requirements for energy efficiency.

The production of pastry products is equipped with automated lines. The technology is of the highest class and enables preservation of the quality of products for a longer period without the use of preservatives. The planned implementations are related to the processes of cooling of the products, with which the production cycle will be fully automated. The most modern methods of packaging and materials with barrier properties, with which the quality of the product is maintained and it is protected from environmental influences,  as well as transporting them in cooled form over long distances, are being used.

Automation is also the basis for the operation of the both new warehouses, which will be key logistics centres.

In 2019, Bella Bulgaria starts the development of a partner network with Bulgarian producers of high quality meat raw materials in order to fully meet the needs of its meat processing.

‘We strive for our products to have added value and we work with the pulse of the communities we are part from. That is why we would like Bulgarian foods to be entirely from Bulgarian raw materials’, commented the CEO of Bella Bulgaria Elsa Markova.

The first partners of Bella Bulgaria in the programme for Bulgarian meat products operate on the territory of the most ecological regions in the country. Their construction is based on the latest European technologies with automated equipment and focus on animal welfare.

In 2019, Bella Bulgaria expands its presence on Southeast European markets and creates its own trading structure in Serbia. This is the third foreign trade representation of the Bulgarian food company in the Balkans after Romania (2007) and Greece (2012).

Bella Bulgaria enters the market in our western neighbour with its full portfolio of products that will be available in the retail chains.

The company has been developing export business since 2006. Bella Bulgaria's products are becoming more and more popular among consumers in Europe, America, the Middle East, and Australia. The focus on customer and consumer preferences allows Bella Bulgaria to maintain its important place in the food industry in different countries.

Bella Bulgaria is a leading Bulgarian company with serious international participation and management, one of the leaders in the food industry in Eastern Europe, developing products at the leading European standards of high quality production and healthy foods. Responding to consumer expectations for products of constant quality and competitive prices Bella Bulgaria works in partnership only with companies guaranteeing the high quality and full control of the production.

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