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Bella Products – Bulgarian traditions and taste - Miltos Triantafillou in an Interview for 'Standart' Newspaper

November 7

Bella Products – Bulgarian traditions and taste - Miltos Triantafillou in an Interview for 'Standart' Newspaper

Miltos Triantafillou in an Interview for 'Standart' Newspaper


What kind of consumer is the Bulgarian one?

Bulgarians appreciate a lot Good Food and traditions. They have exceptional traditions and the majority prefers to prepare the food by themselves. Women are proud of their cooking capabilities.

Younger ages luck of time as they work hard and they try to find ways for convenience therefore readymade food as well as dinning out  have become  part of their life style.

Bulgarians spending for food is among the highest in Europe as % of their total Income and prefer to buy value for money products.

Does he/she distinguish from the European one and how?

Allow me to put it this way. Quantity Vs Quality. Traditions Vs New Healthy Trends. Different taste pallets as everywhere in Balkan countries Vs Europe.. Salt and peppers in high priority. Free From foods not in priority and first choice ( Gluten Free- Lactose Free- Preservatives free etc ).

Based on your international experience, how do you consider Bella’s quality production?

Quality to me means stable appreciated by the consumer quality. Bella is a big processor of raw materials, a producer with 20-years specialization and expertise. When you have this seize you are able to produce high quality in Low cost , to have high production standards, the suitable and effective people and finally the way to offer to the consumers what I call appreciated and enjoyable products.

Does one of the largest food producers in the country have modern technology that is competitive to the international markets?

All our plants are equipped with latest technology lines. We continuously invest in upgrading  and installing new equipment to make us competitive and allow us to be the market leaders as we are today. And yes as I have visited a lot of factories abroad I can assure you we can be proud of our production facilities.

What are the similarities and differences between healthy foods and Bella foods?

We use Good manufacturing standards and follow all required processes and quality tests in order to offer healthy products to the people. We sell Millions of products every month and the people are healthy and happy with what they eat.

But what you mean Healthy foods? If you mean Free From products or Super foods or any other new food Trend I believe it will take time in Europe and also in Bulgaria to be in every day repertoire as it starts from a Very low point.

What is your attitude towards protectionist trends of Bulgarian production?

This is a never ending discussion. The countries around have different VAT levels and I know very well that all have the same issues. I believe the market is free and we are very close with Greece and Romania. Let's consider them as a common market for our products.

A protected market is a poor market. What we need to do is to be able to move to "Value for Money" products and move from the Cheap products perception of the consumers in the neighboring countries. Follow flexible commercial policies and secure stable quality of the offered products.

You have an excellent team, its representatives have led a number of industry associations, but what are the problems?

On the one side - We face a Demographic issue like low level of births and emigration of qualified people. Companies have to invest in their employees training and business education.

On the other side - Economy shows stability with Low levels of growth which does not allow the market to grow and makes the environment very competitive. Few development signs are enough to make people more optimistic about their future and the future of their families.

What would you say to consumers?

Trust our products.They are made with respect to your traditions and preferable tastes. They are made for you to enjoy them with your families and friends.

 We make food products with care, passion, love and respect to the Bulgarian traditions.



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